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Pink lady® pink lady® is born in australia by crossing lady williams with golden delicious. Novablue® is premium of gala variety.

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Blue whale apples. Blue whale’s fuji offer is evolving thanks […] The company distributes pears, grapes, apples, strawberries, plum, and kiwis, as well as provides packaging services. Novablue is a premium gala cultivated exclusively in france by blue whale, and candine is another new exclusive variety of blue whale.

One of the biggest players in the apple export market is blue whale sa. Skip to the end of the images gallery. 5 to 6 pieces per kg.

“the strength of our group lies in the fact that we fill a cold room with a variety in one day and the storage time is reduced. Perfect companion to easy cut your apples into quarters ! This gift has been add in your cart.

Apples are one of france’s biggest agricultural exports. Presentation its skin is distinctive from other varieties and goes from pastel pink to red over a light green. Blue whale®, the leading french exporter of apples, is launching in spain, a priority market for this season, a new promotional campaign aimed at increasing sales of 12 of its 19 varieties on the spanish market.

Touzet explained that the company’s main focus is on developing their own varieties to maintain full control over distribution and marketing. This shows the production chain in a simplified way. Other gifts that may interest you.

Nature's best sdn bhd hq. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Scallop ceviche, cauliflower yoghurt, black curry, walnut, blue whale granny smith apple, celery, lovage oil by head chef dan birk, social eating house, london.

Blue whale french apples !!! Convinced that there was strength in numbers, they decided to pool their means of production and commercialization with the aim of having their fruit publicized and enjoyed worldwide. Blue whale wholesales fresh fruits.

10 points see details of gift. French apples find their way to customers not just in the rest of europe but also overseas. Blue whale have been for the last 40 years the french leader of export overseas.

Blue whale introduced the fuji apple onto the spanish market during the decade of the 1990s. Perfect companion to easy cut your apples into quarters ! 25 points you do not have enough point.

Our blog keeps you updated with technology news and new business solutions. Blue whale sas was establishel in 1950 by a group of french fruits growers in order to market their production in europe. Maintain continued monitoring by an external and independent body.

The installations have 150 cold storage rooms for apples, of 400 and 200 t. It came on the market in the early 2000s. In earlys 70', they started to export fruit out of europe, specially apples on overseas destinations.

Add to wish list add to compare. September 1, 2019 · welcome to the new season of blue whale french apples !!! Today pink lady ® is the leading apple brand in europe.

Novablue® variety made and cultivated exclusively in france. Today, the company continues to be a leader here in spain, owing to the suitability of its cultivation areas. See below the 25 varieties of apples in the blue whale range.

Blue whale’s farmers currently grow 19 varieties of apples. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Even so, blue whale is paying close attention to chinese consumer preferences and has specially developed the novablue and candine varieties of apples in response to both asian and chinese tastes.

See more gifts pass order. Sign up for our newsletter:. French apple is coming to malaysia again ~ please stay tuned #bluewhale #frenchapple #apple #malaysia #newseason.

Presentation recognizable with an intense bright red, preserved very well. 9 to 10 pieces per kg. Get our latest offers and news straight in your inbox.

Blue whale apples cgi lllustration for blue whale, an apple company. The segmentation of fuji apples is providing excellent results for the french company. Other gifts that may interest you.

5 to 6 pieces per kg. While these include numerous traditional and club varieties, such as braeburn, golden delicious, granny smith, pink lady, and royal gala, mr. Be the first to review this product.

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Guarantee the traceability of their fruit from the orchard to the point of sale ; Blue whale began as a group of fruit growers in the garonne valley in 1950.

Special price aed21.00 per kg regular price aed24.00 per kg. Get quick updates of blue whale apps achievements and insight into technology world. Harvest the apples by hand at optimum ripeness;

5 to 6 pieces per kg. There are several thousand varieties, but the market has focused on thirty, selected over time for their taste, yield and resistance. 25 points you do not have enough point.

Blue whale donated more than 1,000 tons of apples the 29th of september 2020 was a day of agricultural donations, organized by solaal, an organization facilitating food donation to french charities. Ideal to bite or to cook. Tasting notes crunchy and juicy with a soft taste.

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